Insurance and Rates

Insurance Policies

After practicing as an in-network clinician for many years, Emily chose to no longer accept insurance in 2019. As a practitioner who endeavors to provide the very best and most effective care for her patients’ nuanced physical, emotional and spiritual needs, she felt continuing as an in-network practitioner with insurance companies became prohibitive of fully and effectively meeting and caring for her patients’ varied and dynamic needs.

Practicing as an out-of-network practitioner allows Emily to give more time, attention, and energy to each patient, and she sees more fruitful results of her work, and more rapid transformations in her patients. She has more freedom, authority, and flexibility to treat a variety of complex (and simple!) conditions uncovered by even those insurance plans that include coverage for Acupuncture - from allergies to insomnia, to seizures, to anxiety and depression, Autoimmune disease, respiratory infections, chronic fatigue, gut and microbiome pathologies, weight loss, substance abuse, infertility, gynocological and menopausel disharmonies - and so on.

Many do not have acupuncture coverage as part of their insurance plan - whether for an in-network or an out-of-network practitioner, and approximately half of Emily's practice falls into this category. However, for those patients with coverage, Emily provides the necessary documentation (Superbill with Diagnosis Codes and Procedure Codes) to submit and receive reimbursement on their own. It is important for each patient to confirm the details of their insurance plan to avoid unexpected expenses. 

Payment Policies

Emily’s rate for the initial visit is $190, and her rate for each follow-up visit is $120. Payment methods accepted are credit cards (incuding HSA and FSA cards) via PayPal or by check, or cash. As a Provider, scheduled appointments are considered a lease of Emily's time, and are reserved for the patient. These appointment times are difficult, if not impossible, to fill with short notice. Therefor, her policies require cancelations be made by email no less then 24 hours prior to the follow-up appointment time and no less then 48 hours prior to the intial intake appointment time. Late cancelation and no show appointments will result in a charge of the regular fee, no exceptions.

To schedule your first appointment with Emily, you are welcome to call or email directly, or, use the online booking service she has enlisted for scheduling purposes. This online booking service is offerred as a convenience for new patients scheduling their first appointment. When scheduling online, it is not mandatory that you fill in personal details - and Emily will directly collect needed details from you prior to your first appointment.