First Visit

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will allow for a comprehensive health interview and also your first treatment. Together, you and Emily will explore your medical and social history as well as body systems and lifestyle habits, design your goals for treatment, and discuss your need for support, symptoms, history, where you are thriving and where you are struggling. 

Follow up appointments aim to continue the resolution of pain, illness, and sustain balance in the body and mind, and spirit and depending on the nature of the concern, treatment can last several weeks, or many months. Chinese Medicine cultivates the art of self discovery, often healing happens on multiple levels in surprising ways. It is recommended that you come as often as it suits you to maintain the physical or personal growth that you desire to move with ease through life. This may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, with the change of the seasons, or as the patient and Emily feel would serve.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

To schedule your first appointment with Emily, you are welcome to call or email directly, or, use the online booking service she has enlisted for scheduling purposes. This online booking service is offerred as a convenience for new patients to schedule a first appointment. When scheduling online, it is not mandatory that you fill in personal details - and Emily will directly collect needed details from you prior to your first appointment.  

Read over 250 Reviews Of Emily’s Work


"Having had chronic bronchitus infections for over a decade and being a heavy smoker, I made it through last winter with only one cold that ended quickly. I have no doubt, that this was in no small way attributed to the acupuncture and herbs I took for those 3-4 months. Further yet, my time spent in treatment with Emily has affected every aspect of my life..."

- J.R., Chronic Respiratory Infections and Smoking Cessation

"Emily helped me get pregnant!! I have been seeing Emily for just over a year now and she is fantastic. I’m not sure words could quite express how grateful I am for her. I started seeing Emily for acupuncture after 2+ years of trying to get pregnant (including unsuccessful fertility treatments), and after a few months of acupuncture with her I started ovulating regularly, which was one of my key issues (that I knew about).

Emily also opened my eyes to other potential issues that may have been impacting my ability to pregnant, which ended up being important pieces of the puzzle in my case — e.g., inflammation from food, gut health, hormone levels. She encouraged me to consider doing an anti-inflammation diet and in the process of doing that I realized that I had been eating foods, such as gluten, that I am actually intolerant to -- I have since cut them out and feel much better! She also connected me with a naturopath who helped me test and address my gut health and hormone levels, which affect fertility. At the same time, I was (separately) seeing a functional doctor who identified another hormone/thyroid-related issue that I addressed.

Once I addressed these major issues (while continuing acupuncture) I immediately got pregnant!! I am now in the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy and am so incredibly grateful for Emily. She set me on a health-focused fertility journey that felt proactive, healthy, and empowering! There are other great acupuncturists out there too I'm sure, but I’ve talked to others who have had acupuncture and their acupuncturist strictly provided the treatments and did not offer any of the additional perspectives and guidance that Emily did. When I first started working with Emily I didn't know everything I would be getting (or what I would need). I really appreciate her wholistic approach to thinking about health. Her acupuncture treatments have also addressed other issues that have popped up for me (e.g., clearing and avoiding illnesses/colds, maintaining a healthy pregnancy during my 1st trimester). I cannot say enough good things about her. THANK YOU EMILY!!!"  

- L.B., Infertility

"Emily has been treating severe arthritis in my left foot, and chronic pain associated with scoliosis in my lower back. Both conditions were chronic, for over 15 years, and very painful. I was unable to walk without pain, and had developed a limp. It was remarkable to me that after my very first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement in pain and mobility. Over the next two months the pain continued to decrease from visit to visit, now nearly non existent, and mobility increases. I had become so accustomed to pain being part of my life, and I am now moving freely, exercising, and living a full life again. I am so thankful to Emily for her work and determination, and without her I am doubtful I would be walking without pain."

- J.C, Chronic Back, Hip, and Foot Pain

"I have had gastritis and heartburn for around 8 years, I had multiple treatments but nothing made a big difference. I have been seeing Emily for around two months and I have never felt better, my heartburn is almost gone and my gastritis is getting better and better. Emily helped me to understand that food can make a big difference in every way, so not just my stomach feels better but my whole body is happy about my new habits. I highly recommend Emily, she is great!" 

- J.U., Gastritus and Stress

"Emily, she is the amazing person that has stopped my migraines! I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years, tried every medicine known to man, PT, chiropractic intervention, massages, and still they were getting worse and worse. I was missing out on my life, my children's lives, I was angry, bitter, and had pretty much given up. But the 8 migraine days a month are gone now. I am off all everyday medicine for 3 months now and have only taken one migraine pill since starting treatment with Emily. IF YOU SUFFER FROM MIGRAINES... THERE IS HOPE! I can't say anything more, other than she is a miracle and has helped me earn my life back".

- L.T., Migraines

"I started seeing Emily in early in my pregnancy for acute hip pain. She sat with me, discussed all aspects of my health history, lifestyle and specific pain. The treatment itself was calming and within a few days I was relieved of the pain. I ended up seeing Emily throughout my entire pregnancy. The time she spent with me each week was the most time any of my doctors spent with me. We discussed specific pains and alignments but also discussed my overall well being. I would walk out of treatment feeling refreshed, calm and confident that I had someone looking out for my health and working with me instead of dismissing my symptoms as “normal”. I highly recommend Emily!"

L.M., Pregnancy Related Pain

"I tell everyone that I can about Emily, she is truly a born healer. I sought after acupuncture for a shoulder injury that had left me with pain for over two years. To answer the obvious, Emily resolved the pain without much trouble...the experience aside from treating the injury, however, has been one that has transformed my life. Emily taught me to look at myself through a lens I never knew even existed. Her guidance has helped me grow exponentially - body, mind and soul. I am so incredibly grateful to have found her and know that my journey with her will be one that is life-long. Thank you for all that you do, Emily!"

- M.H., Shoulder Pain and PTSD

"Acupuncture has changed the way I approach my physical health, changed my diet, lifestyle, and addictions. It has changed my outlook upon myself as a person worthy of experiencing all that life has to offer, joy and love and pain and sorrow alike. Emily has taught me much about the connection between emotions. The anger and frustration that can feel like a plague at times is also the source for creativity and expression. Understanding this has lead to an outpouring of new work and a resurgence of my artistic creativity."

- S.Y., Emotional Wellbeing

"I came to acupuncture to address some personal issues I was experiencing in my life—anxiety from strained relationships as well as some addiction issues related to alcohol that had been taking their toll on me for many years. While I go for the treatment from the needles, I also go just as much to speak with Emily and learn from her guidance, as she has a way of building on our past discussions and build my confidence in her words and wisdom (her “word needles”). That combined with the needles themselves have provided a great deal of therapy for me, as I consider myself a changed person."

- J.S., Anxiety, Addiction

"Perhaps the greatest gift of Emily's healership for me is that she sees me, unedited, unmasked, fully human. This is no small thing. I came to her recently after the birth of my daughter feeling deeply lost. I was a mess of doubts, fears, worries, and anxiety. I was crying all the time. I felt as if I were drowning at sea, as if I’d lost my heart somewhere in the process of giving birth. Emily listened intently, asked a few questions, and gave me some advice. But then she did the thing that changed the game: she took my hand, and with full presence and love, she looked into my eyes and said "I see you. I still see you in there." So simple, and so profoundly healing."

- D.F.S., Childbirth

Covid-19 Safety Policies

Emily Cooper and The Healing Wisdom Medicine Center prioritizes the health and safety her patients and their communities at all times. Within the current environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has expanded her stringent cleaning protocol cleaning to include policies that will maximize the safety of her clinic, as detailed below.

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