First Visit

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment allows for a comprehensive discussion of health history, with evaluation of your concerns and goals, and your first acupuncture treatment. We will design these goals for treatment through a deeper understanding of your symptoms, lifestyle and health concerns. It is important to know where you need support on multiple levels; how you are thriving and how you are struggling. Often, this first session profoundly impacts patients' sense of wellbeing. 

Followup appointments aim to continue the resolution of pain, illness, and sustain balance in the body and mind, and spirit and depending on the nature of the concern, treatment can last several weeks, or many months. Chinese Medicine cultivates the art of self discovery, often healing happens on multiple levels in surprising ways. It is recommended that you come as often as it suits you to maintain the physical or personal growth that you desire to move with ease through life. This may be weekly, monthly, or with the change of the seasons

Zocdoc Reviews


"Having had chronic bronchitus infections for over a decade and being a heavy smoker, I made it through last winter with only one cold that ended quickly. I have no doubt, that this was in no small way attributed to the acupuncture and herbs I took for those 3-4 months. Further yet, my time spent in treatment with Emily has affected every aspect of my life..."

- J.R, Smoking

"Acupuncture has changed the way I approach my physical health, changed my diet, lifestyle, and addictions. It has changed my outlook upon myself as a person worthy of experiencing all that life has to offer, joy and love and pain and sorrow alike. Emily has taught me much about the connection between emotions. The anger and frustration that can feel like a plague at times is also the source for creativity and expression. Understanding this has lead to an outpouring of new work and a resurgence of my artistic creativity."

- S.Y, Emotional wellbeing

"I came to acupuncture to address some personal issues I was experiencing in my life—anxiety from strained relationships as well as some addiction issues related to alcohol that had been taking their toll on me for many years. While I go for the treatment from the needles, I also go just as much to speak with Emily and learn from her guidance, as she has a way of building on our past discussions and build my confidence in her words and wisdom (her “word needles”). That combined with the needles themselves have provided a great deal of therapy for me, as I consider myself a changed person."

- J.S, Anxiety, Addiction

"Perhaps the greatest gift of her healership for me is that she sees me, unedited, unmasked, fully human. This is no small thing. I came to her recently after the birth of my daughter feeling deeply lost. I was a mess of doubts, fears, worries, and anxiety. I was crying all the time. I felt as if I were drowning at sea, as if I’d lost my heart somewhere in the process of giving birth. Emily listened intently, asked a few questions, and gave me some advice. But then she did the thing that changed the game: she took my hand, and with full presence and love, she looked into my eyes and said "I see you. I still see you in there." So simple, and so profoundly healing."

- D.F.S, Childbirth

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Acupuncture is increasingly covered by insurance and Emily is currently in-network with all BCBS, Aetna and Cigna plans. This means that if you have acupuncture coverage within your insurance plan, then you are covered in her office. Emily also submits as an out of network practicioner to most of the remaining insruance plans. The patient is responsible for confirming their own coverage details, and Emily's office will gladly confirm the details of your acupuncture coverage as well. While many patients are covered, plan details are still confirmed to avoid unexpected expenses for the patient. And again, while Emily may be in network with your insurance company, all plans differ with respect to coverage, with hundreds of variations in plans, and you want to be sure that acupuncture is a covered benefit within your plan. This can be done by calling your "Member Services" department. While our office confirms the details of your insurance plan, within 4 weeks of your first appointment, it is the patients responsibility to confirm their own coverage as well. If we are not in-network with your insurance provider, we can still provide you with receipts which you can submit for reimbursement. These receipts provide the information typically required by insurance companies for direct reimbursment and most patients receive reimbursment from their insurance provider. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or Health Saving Accounts (HSAs) may also be used for payment.